PS Full Form

PS full form : Post Script

PS full form


P.S. represents postscript. The term postscript is gotten from Latin post scriptum which signifies “composed after”. 
A postscript can be a line or a section included after the mark line. 
There can be various motivations to add postscript, for example, to communicate a bit of hindsight or to give the extra data. 
In this way, it is a basic method to fortify your message and upgrade your accommodation. 
A postscript might be a sentence, a passage, or periodically numerous sections included, regularly hurriedly and by chance, after the mark of a letter or (now and again) the primary body of an article or book. 
In a book or article, an all the more deliberately created expansion (e.g., for a subsequent release) is called an afterword. 
“Postscript” has, wonderfully, been utilized to allude to such an addendum to some primary work, regardless of whether it isn’t joined to a principle work, as in Søren Kierkegaard’s book named Concluding Unscientific Postscript. 
Here and there, when extra focuses are made after the principal postscript, shortened forms, for example, PSS (post-super-scriptum), PPS (postquam-post-scriptum or post-post-scriptum) and PPPS (post-post-post-scriptum, etc, ceaselessly are utilized, however just PPS has to some degree regular utilization.
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