PNR Full Form

PNR full form is Passenger Name Record.

What Does PNR Stand For?

A Passenger Name Record (PNR) is a record in the database of a PC reservation framework (CRS) that contains the schedule for a traveler, or a gathering of travelers voyaging together. The idea of a PNR was first acquainted via aircrafts that required with trade reservation data in the event that travelers required trips of numerous carriers to arrive at their goal (“interlining”).

For this reason, IATA and ATA have characterized principles for interline informing of PNR and other information through the “ATA/IATA Reservations Interline Message Procedures – Passenger” (AIRIMP). There is no broad industry standard for the design and substance of a PNR.

PNR Full Form
PNR Full Form

By and by, every cr or facilitating framework has its own restrictive measures, albeit basic industry needs, including the need to delineate information effectively to AIRIMP messages, has brought about many general similitudes in information substance and organization between the entirety of the significant frameworks. 

At the point when a traveler books an agenda, the trip specialist or travel site client will make a PNR in the PC reservation framework it employments. This is normally one of the huge Global Distribution Systems, for example, Amadeus, Saber, or Travelport (Apollo, Galileo, and Worldspan) however in the event that the booking is made straightforwardly with an aircraft the PNR can likewise be in the database of the carrier’s CRS. This PNR is known as the Master PNR for the traveler and the related agenda. The PNR is recognized in the specific database by a record locator.

What is the meaning of PNR?

PNR represents Passenger Name Record. In movement enterprises, a PNR is a record in the database of a PC reservation framework that comprises of the individual data for a traveler and furthermore contains the agenda for the traveler, or a gathering of travelers voyaging together.

How can I find my PNR Number? 

You should simply to enter your PNR number on the hunt bar above. It will at that point show you the PNR status of your ticket. In spite of the fact that you will see the PNR number on the upper left corner of the train ticket, the PNR number on the e-ticket shows up in a better place – it will be imprinted on the top portion of the page.

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