LED Full Form

LED full form : Light Emitting Diode

led full form

LED represents Light Emitting Diode. It is a two-lead semiconductor light source. It is a pn-intersection diode which emanates light when initiated. It is a significant electronic gadget since it is utilized in a great deal of electrical and electronic gadgets now a days. It is generally utilized in electronic test supplies, TV’s, number crunchers, watches, radios, and so on.


       1. How Does LED Work?

At the point when an appropriate voltage of power is applied to the leads, electrons recombines with electron gaps and discharge vitality as photons. This impact is called electroluminescence. The shade of LED’s light is decide by the vitality band hole of the semiconductor. 

Driven is demonstrated a progressive item in the field of light source. Its lights are very vitality productive, prudent and dependable. When contrasted with regular lighting bulbs and bright light sources, it is practically 80% vitality productive.


       2. What are some of the Benefits of LED?

Benefits of LED:

1) Energy efficient
LED requires very less power. For example, LED TVs are more energy efficient than CRT and LCD TVs.

LED does not produce heat, so it reduces the cooling loads also.

LED does not produce buzzing noises and flickers etc.

2) Environment Friendly
LED lights are non-toxic. It does not contain mercury, lead or cadmium. The enhanced use of LED lights can reduce carbon emission.

3) Long Life
With proper installation, the LED can be worked for a long span of time with a very low maintenance cost.

4) Maintenance and Safety
LED needs very low maintenance cost. It also require very low recycling charge.

5) Recyclable
LED is recyclable with a very low recycling charges.

6) Better Picture Quality
LED offers better image quality than LCD.

LEDs have allowed new text, video displays and sensors to be developed. Due to their high switching rates, it can be also useful in advanced communication technology


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