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ATS Full Form

ATS Full Form is Anti-Terrorism Squad. It is an uncommon police power in different states in India, including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala,
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CID Full Form

icse full form
CID full form : Crime Investigation Department         CID represents Crime Investigation Department. It is an examination and insight wing of the Indian State Police. It is one of the most significant units of the police association and…
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SSB Full orm

rsvp full form
SSB full form : Service Selection Board   SSB represents Service Selection Board. It is set up by the Defense Ministry of India to lead the meeting for selecting officials in Indian Armed Forces. It is intended to test “official…
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NDRF Full Form

ctc full form
NDRF full form : National Disaster Response Force   NDRF or National Disaster Response Force is a specialized force established under section 44 of Disaster Management Act 2005 for a fast and quick response to natural or man-made disaster like…
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NCC Full Form

ssc full form
NCC full form : National Cadet Corps NCC represents National Cadet Corps. It is the Military cadet corps of India that gives essential military preparing to the Students of schools and universities. It contains Army, Navy and Air Force. It…
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