EVM Full Form

EVM full form : Electronic Voting Machine

EVM full form

EVM represents Electronic Voting Machine. It is an electronic machine which is intended to actualize electronic casting a ballot. 


  • What EVM means?
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  • Who invented the first voting machine?


It is as of late utilized in 2017 state races held in five states across India. Today, it has supplanted paper voting forms in nearby, state and general (parliamentary) decisions in India.

VVPAT is planned as a free check framework for casting a ballot machines intended to permit voters to confirm that their vote was thrown effectively, to identify conceivable political race misrepresentation or breakdown, and to give a way to review the put away electronic outcomes.


An EVM machine fundamentally comprises of two units; control unit and balloting unit. These two units are joined by a link. 

The balloting unit is put inside the democratic compartment and the control unit stays with the surveying official. 

The balloting unit has blue fastens on a level plane named with party images and comparing up-and-comer names. 

The control unit has a “Voting form” stamped button. The elector cast his vote by squeezing the ideal blue catch on the balloting unit. 

When the last elector makes the choice the surveying official press the “Nearby Button” so that EVM won’t acknowledge any vote. 

After the political race closes, the balloting unit is detached from the Control Unit and kept independently.

Brief History

The first democratic machine in Quite a while was concocted by M. B. Haneefa in 1980. 

The first plan of this machine was appeared to the general population in various Government Exhibitions held in six unique urban areas across Tamil Nadu. 

In 1982, EVM is first utilized in the appointment of Paravur supporters in Kerala for a predetermined number of surveying stations. 

In 1989, the EVMs were authorized by Election Commission of India as a team with Electronics Corporation of India Limited.


  • It lessens the odds of invalid or dicey votes. 
  • It offers a quicker method of tallying votes than ordinary framework. It spares time and endeavors of political race officials. 
  • It is an eco-accommodating cycle as it doesn’t include the utilization of paper that helps spare trees. 
  • It is practical cycle as just one sheet of voting form paper is needed in each surveying station and the transportation cost of EVM is likewise not exactly customary voting booths. 
  • It very well may be conveyed or shipped starting with one spot then onto the next with no issue. More individuals can project votes in less time. 
  • The information can be put something aside for a more extended length of time for future reference.

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