ETC Full Form

ETC full form : Et Cetera

ETC full form
“Et Cetera” is a Latin expression which is utilized on the spots where we need to state “and different things” or, “etc”.. The term and so on is commonly written in short structure as and so forth. 
This Latin word is embraced in English as well and used to demonstrate duration of an arrangement with comparative things. 
For instance: If you are a fixed retailer, you can say that you sell pen, pencil, note pads, eraser and so forth. It permits you abstain from giving a total rundown of comparative things as it won?t be simple for the retailer to remember every thing or every comparative thing for a sentence or a rundown. 
In records where you use ?and so on? you need to ensure that all the recorded things are comparable or have a place with each other.
In arrangements of individuals, et alii (curtailed as et al., signifying “and others”) is utilized instead of and so forth.
In arrangements of spots, et justification might be utilized, which is additionally contracted et al.; et plausible excuse signifies “and somewhere else”.
In references to writing or messages as a rule, et sequentes (versus) or et sequentia ‘and the words and so on.
following’ (abridged et seq., plural et seqq.) are utilized to demonstrate that solitary the primary bit of a
realized reference is given unequivocally, with expansive reference to the accompanying sections which sensibly follow in arrangement to the express reference. Thus “Title VII, Section 4, Subsection A, Paragraph 1, et seq.” might allude to numerous subsections or passages which follow Paragraph 1. Legitimate briefs and administrative archives utilize et seq.
Notice that there is a useful distinction between et seq. also, and so on. Et seq. also, its varieties allude explicitly to known content; and so forth.
may do so as well, yet is bound to leave the peruser to gracefully the vague things for himself. It would not be useful to state: “Different passages of import like those in Title VII, Sections 4, 7, and 2 et seq.” however it may bode well to utilize and so on in such a specific circumstance.
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