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NAAC Full Form

rsvp full form
NAAC full form : National Assessment Accreditation Council         NAAC represents National Assessment and Accreditation Council. It is a self-sufficient body that surveys and authorizes Higher Education in India.    It is set up by the University Grants…
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PGDM Full Form

phd full form
PGDM full form : Post Graduate Diploma In Management       PGDM represents Post Graduate Diploma in Management. It is a multi year full time the board course offered by numerous foundations in India.    This course can be…
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BA Full Form

php full form
BA full form : Bachelor of Arts   BA represents Bachelor of Arts. It is a four year certification program that alludes to a college class of study. The course is picked by the understudies who wish to seek after…
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AICTE Full Form

bca full form
AICTE full form : All India Council for Technical Education         AICTE is a national level chamber for specialized instruction and the board in India. It is a legal assortment of Government of India which has the…
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ANM Full Form

sslc full form
ANM full form : Auxilary Nurse Midwifery     ANM represents Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery. It is a two-year college class or accreditation or recognition course in Clinical Nursing.    Its length may differ from establishment to organize, e.g., 1 to…
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MSC Full Form

ssc full form
MSC full form : Master of Science    M.Sc. represents Master of Science. It is a postgraduate qualification granted in the field of science. This degree course is granted by numerous colleges in India.    Rather than the Master of Arts…
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MS Full Form

ctc full form
MS full form : Master of Surgery     MS represents Master of Surgery too. It is a postgraduate certificate course granted in the field of medical procedure. This postgraduate certificate course is granted for the understudies who have just…
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GATE Full Form

GATE full form : Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering     The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an assessment that fundamentally tests the complete comprehension of different undergrad subjects in building and science. Door is led mutually by…
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ISC Full Form

ISC full form : Indian School Certificate The ISC also know as The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) is a secretly held national-level leading group of school instruction in India that directs the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education…
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CSE Full Form

CSE full form : Computer Science Engineering CSE stands for Computer Science Engineering. It is an Engineering Discipline that incorporates different subjects of software engineering required to build up the PC framework. It is a four-year undergrad building course in which…
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