CAG Full orm

CAG full form : Comptroller and Auditor General of India

CAG full form


CAG represents Comptroller and Auditor General of India. It is a position which is built up under Article 148 of the constitution of India. 
Its essential job is to review all the use of focal government, state government and associations which are financed by the administration. Its home office is in New Delhi, India. 
CAG is positioned ninth in Indian request of priority and has similar status as an appointed authority of Supreme Court of India. 
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CAG is likewise the top of the Indian Audit and Accounts Department. It is one of the most impressive bodies to explore budgetary cheats in India, for example, coal mineshaft designation trick and 2G range portion trick. 
CAG is named by the leader of India on the suggestion of Prime Minister of India for a term of 6 years. 
Starting at 2016, Shashi Kant Sharma is the CAG of India. He was named on 23 May 2013, and he is the twelfth CAG of India.
Powers of CAG 
According to Companies Act, 1956, the CAG is engaged to: 
  • Choose and reappoint the evaluator of an administration organization. 
  • Direct the review of the records of an administration organization. 
  • Offer guidelines to the reviewers with respect to any issue identified with review. 
  • Direct a test review of the records.
  • Supplement the review report of the legal inspectors.
Functions of CAG
A portion of the significant elements of CAG as recommended by the Parliament and Constitution are given beneath: 
  • To review the records with respect to consumption from the united reserve of India and combined store of each state furthermore, association region.
  • To review the records identified with consumption from the possibility reserve and open record of India and each state.
  • To review monetary records, exchanging, assembling and benefit and misfortune or some other record of any branch of the focal or state governments.
  • To review the receipts and consumption of government organizations and different associations financed from the focal or state incomes.
  • To submit review reports of the records of the middle to the President.
  • To submit review reports of the records of the state to the Governor.
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